Full-Stack Email Marketing

Fuck what you heard—Email isn’t dead. And building out a well-thought out email campaign isn’t a one-step process. In these campaigns, I’ve strategized each email from ideation to execution. I’m also strangely obsessed with A/B testing and I’m always down to experiment with anything, starting with CAPITALIZATION down to the punctuation~



What even is copywriting? It took me 2 years of having a copywriter role to figure it out. Copywriting is all about taking action. And I’ve got words that will convert.


SEO Writing

There’s no better feeling than seeing that Yoast light go green. My digital marketing career started with learning SEO, and I haven’t stopped since. You can find all the industries I’ve written for here.


Music PR

After a year of music journalism + marketing with several prominent electronic music blogs, I’m offering my services for PR.

Past & present clients I’ve worked with: Mad Zoo Events, KillWill, Colin Thomas, Galo, WECHIEF

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