km kardashian crying because of the shitty things guys have done to her

A List Of Shitty Things That Shitty Guys Have Done

A while ago, I was having a conversation with some people I worked with about relationships and one of my bosses told me, “I feel like you’ve seen some shit.” And anybody who knows me, knows this is completely true.

There’s a lot of shitty people in the world, and it seems like there’s a direct correlation between how shitty guys are and how attracted I am to them. I tell people all the time – I think I just love being treated like shit.

I mean I’m not here to complain about how badly guys treat me. Trust me, it sucks ass. But I do look back and laugh about how crazy it is because I can’t even imagine how or why these people do what they do.

But you know, sometimes hearing the shitty things people go through makes you feel so much better about yourself, so here I am being a saint and being that person for you. Here is a list of shitty things guys have done to me.

  1. A guy hooked up with me for a whole night and then followed all of my sorority sisters on Instagram. Then he proceeded to like all of their photos, and not like any of mine.
  2. A guy told me that he wasn’t trying to fuck things up with me, play, or hurt me, and then months later said he had no feelings at all for me.
  3. A guy told me that I was the only one he wanted and the only one he was talking to. When I confronted him about flirting with some girl on his timeline, he denied everything and said it was about his best friend (who was a guy). So I posted an Instagram and Snapchat pretending I was on a date with a guy, and three seconds later, he rebutted with posting pictures of hickies all over his body and tweeted about how I was the one who was playing him this whole time. He got a girlfriend a couple of days later too.
  4. I feel like this happens to a lot of people, but there are multiple instances when a guy has told me he wasn’t “ready for a relationship” then will be on dating apps not even 2 minutes later saying he’s definitely looking for a girlfriend. I get that you’re trying to be nice or whatever, but honestly, you’re a dick and you could have just told me you didn’t like me.
  5. A guy blocked me on all forms of social media after I called him a fuckboy, then sent me a dick pic and harassed me because he wanted to know what I thought about it.
  6. A guy had a girlfriend and tried to cheat on her with me, but when I mentioned his girlfriend, he blamed me for “being a tease.”
  7. A guy asked me out, and I declined because I already dated his frat brother. He said his only intention was to get to know me, and there’s no harm in that. When we met up, we had dinner and he paid for it because “that’s just the kind of guy he was.” I didn’t think much of it, until he asked me out on a second – wait for it –  date.

And before you say anything dumb, like I’m sure you’ve been through some shit too. But I’m not writing about you so….. Yeah, this list isn’t that long, and thank god I’ve never been in a relationship long or serious enough to have someone cheat on me, but knowing my luck, I’ll have a lot more fucked up shit happen to me before this year ends. If you wanna waste the rest of my time in 2016, my DMs are wide open.