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I was raised in Southern California in the early 2000s, where streetwear was developing pretty quickly at the time I was growing up. Brands like Obey, Married to the Mob, and Dimepiece LA ruled my wardrobe throughout high school, so when I moved back to New York and stumbled upon Millioneiress though Instagram one day, it was no surprise that I was instantly hooked.

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Millioneiress is a lifestyle brand based in Brooklyn, NY that emerged as a vision in the summer of 2013 by founder, Leah Kirsch. Three summers later, she’s expanding that vision by having an open reception to celebrate the new collection!

With sayings like “LADIES FIRST,” “LADIES IS PIMPS TOO” and the iconic “BECAUSE I CAN,” there’s no doubt why the brand has reached thousands of women across the country, empowering them to be bad bitches no matter what you look like or what you’re wearing.

What makes Millioneiress different from other streetwear brands is that 10% of its profits goes to Girl Rising, a non-profit global social action campaign dedicated to educating girls around the world.

This weekend from June 4-6, Kirsch is teaming up with @WORLDMONEYGALLERY in Bushwick at 41 Montrose Ave. from 5-10pm to bring you a pop up shop and art show!

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It’s a free event; there will be wine, beer, and lots of local artists coming together to pay tribute to new-age feminism and unapologetically being yourself. So come out and see what Millioneiress is all about.

Because you can.

Visit Millioneiress here.

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