cartoon girl crying over fuckboy

50 Things To Do Instead Of Crying Over A Fuckboy

I’m the queen of holding onto empty promises and meaningless relationships. I fall harder for fuckboys than any girl you will ever know. I’m the type of person to go on one date and be up all night creating a relationship in my head and being like “what are we?”

I’m not proud of it, but I’m self aware of my pathetic antics.

I practically write about the same guy over and over. I’m literally doing it right now.

I’ve been going through it lately, which means I’m being sad and lonely, and crying over the relationship that never was.

I know some of you are out there hurting too. Or maybe I’m just hoping that I’m not the only one.

So here’s a list of 50 things you should do rather than crying over a fuckboy. All of them more productive.


  1. Binge watch a series on Netflix
  2. Do your homework (lol)
  3. Start the squat challenge
  4. Sing karaoke through YouTube
  5. Walk a bridge
  6. Build a bridge and get over it
  7. Learn the “We’re All In This Together” High School Musical dance
  8. Read a book
  9. Write (preferably not about the fuckboy in question)
  10. Apply for better jobs
  11. Create a Tinder
  12. Don’t stop swiping on Tinder until you get 100 matches (or until you run out of swipes)
  13. Drink water
  14. Drink period blood
  15. Start a creative project
  16. Cuddle with your stuffed animals
  17. Have a sleepover with your friends
  18. Make a list of restaurants you want to go to, and make a plan to go to at least one of them in the next week
  19. Bake brownies
  20. Get high
  21. Eat the brownies you baked now that you’re high
  22. Take a nap
  23. Wake up and ask what year it is
  24. Create a Snapchat movie
  25. Color coordinate your closet
  26. Organize your underwear drawer
  27. Find things that you don’t use to donate to charity
  28. Write a poem
  29. Memorize Nicki’s verse to “Monster” and feel like a bad bitch
  30. Watch stand-up comedy
  31. Plan a trip to travel somewhere
  32. Study for your midterm
  33. Find and improve your Instagram aesthetic
  34. Watch “Damn Daniel” 2000 times straight
  35. Clean your apartment
  36. Wipe your ass
  37. Put on a face mask so that you can’t cry for at least 30 minutes or it won’t dry
  38. Shave your back hair
  39. Take an extra shift at work
  40. Go out and get a new piercing or tattoo
  41. Tell your parents you love them
  42. Explore your neighborhood
  43. Sit in a book store and read something
  44. Walk up and down the stairs 50 times
  45. Confine yourself in your library and don’t leave until all of your work is done
  46. Masturbate
  47. Sit on the toilet until you need to take a shit
  48. Get pampered at a salon/spa
  49. Send a gross meme to your group chat
  50. Sit and listen to an album you’ve always listened to

You’re welcome. I’m gonna go back to crying now.