Why Having Girl Friends Are SO Important

text from best friend

I never understood girls who say they only hang out with guys because girl friends are “too much drama.

It legit makes no sense to me… How can you not get along with people of your own gender, who are going through the same things you are, and who you’re supposed to relate to the most.

If that’s actually true, and the girls around you really do cause a lot of drama, I’m really sorry that you live in a shitty town. But you could, like try Bumble BFF or something.

Or do what I do and make friends with the girl your ex cheated on you with.

There’s no doubt we live in a time where there’s a war against women: A misogynist is president, and we’re all seen as crazy bitches because we want love and thots when we use the dog filter on Snapchat.

I hope one day, women will be seen in a different light, but for now, all I can do is be grateful for the amazing women around me.

Because… maybe I really am a crazy bitch. And they stick by me anyway.

There was a time where I really resented my friends for telling me to break up with a guy I thought I loved.

I was miserable for longer than I was in the relationship and I blamed them. I knew they had good intentions, but after telling my friends how I felt, I lost some of them in the process.

The ones that stuck by me since then have been so amazing, encouraging, and understanding.

They’ve listened to me rant and cry over the same guys in the span of months. They’ve left work to be my shoulder to cry on, ditched their boyfriends to help me through a breakup, and fed me because they know that the only thing that will make me happy is food.

I’ve been through the most dramatic, dumpster fire 2 years in my love life, usually brought on by my own naivety and ignorance, and and they’ve never complained about having to listen to my constant complaining and pity parties.

They want to be there for me.

My quest for long has been ongoing, but I probably should have realized it was right in front of me all along. No other people inspire me, encourage me, and support me more than my female friends.

I don’t know if I could ever repay them. I don’t even think they want me to do anything in return because they know I would do the same for them.

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